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Current challenges by SME’s in market while using ERP or accounting softwares

Current challenges by SME’s in market while using ERP or accounting software’s

1. Having multiple applications for different tasks : most of the companies are
having different applications or software’s to maintain their different phases or
departments of business. Due to which when their management wants to take
quick and accurate decision then they are in a situation not getting required
information or data on time with accuracy due to maintaining different
2. Managing financial and decision making reports : due to several different
applications managing for different tasks with different software’s like for GST,
TDS, TCS, fixed asset management, depreciation management, manufacturing,
purchase procurement, sales flow, sales forecasting and sales analysis, payroll and
HR management. If these all tasks are maintained in different applications or
software then management cannot get the exact status of their business and
financial and statutory reports for filing returns.
3. Having custom made or in house developed software: this is most major and
biggest problem to maximum business owners facing at current situation in GST
and taxation rules amendments changing era. There are several new taxation rules are being
introduced and amendments are being happening frequently now a days. After
GST implementation it has been increased and creating new problems to
business day by day. to these random changes custom made software are
unable to upgrade and match with changing market and statutory rules due to
which several business are facing severe problem in maintaining all these things
in their software to get reports for tax compliance.
4. Not having enough training and able to utilize the full-fledged features of their
existing ERP :most of the business have a well established ERP systems or software but their software vendors have not educated and provided them with the features provided by the accounting software. due to this even though there are several features are available in their software or ERP which can provide and help them with relevant decision  making reports and statistics they are not aware of those features which are already in their by getting properly trained with their software’s they can get the desired results which they expect.
5. Facing problem to migrate from their existing ERP to an updated and effective
ERP : As not able to bring their existing data to new ERP.
Solution: Having a best in class, standard, customizable ERP software implemented in
your business premises can take all your worries which gets latest updates, which can
be customizable anytime as per your changing business needs & requirements & We
“SOFTAZ ERP SOLUTIONS LLP” do it with dedication and perfection.

By  –Karimullah.S–

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